What is in the e-cigarette?

In most cases, the e-cigarette does not burn tobacco, but vaporizes a liquid containing nicotine. The main component is in most products of propylene glycol, which is responsible for the vapor effect. It is the same substance that comes from the fog machine in nightclubs or theaters. Often to the electronic cigarette can be added flavors such as menthol or vanilla. Researchers at the University of San Diego counted around 7700 different flavors of tiramisu to forest fruit.

Is the e-cigarette dangerous to passive smokers?


It is already not clear how harmful is the electronic steaming for the consumer, the risk to third parties is even more difficult to estimate. Because it is also a question how much of the ingredients on the steam are being released in and being spread.

For the E-cigarette is the fact that the standard products do not constantly hinnebeln right but release the steam just at your fingertips. And it seems to be that in many cases contain less contaminants are released than from a normal cigarette.

Tunga Salthammer, chemist at the Fraunhofer Wilhelm Klauditz Institute in Braunschweig, has found in a study, “that the released by the consumption of e-cigarettes in the ambient air quantity of many organic compounds is less than that of conventional cigarette smoke.” The amount of propylene glycol is higher in the electronic cigarettes.

Another difference, according to the experts, is the nature of the particles as SZ said tiny particles in the exhaled vapor of e-cigarette “dissolve with time and go over into the gas phase, the particles in cigarette smoke are against solids.. They remain as such in the air.”

However, BFR assumes that bystanders could be jeopardized by the fumes. The Institute refers primarily to the fact that consumers experimented with refillable cartridges and could also use harmful substances. No one can therefore know what the e-smoker blows right next to him in the air.

Differences with the ordinary cigarette

Lot of talk lately about the electric cigarette , discussed and debated . But what is this electronic cigarette really , and where it differs from the traditional cigarettes ? The main difference is , of course, in the operation and the smoke or steam. While in the ordinary cigarettes tobacco herb is burned, the electronic cigarette has a completely different function. This is a liquid, the so-called liquid evaporates. In this liquid , depending on the order which is , various additives such as flavors or nicotine.

With the help of a battery , the stored in the depot liquid is atomized , ie converted into steam. This is a difference of smoke or steam generation, it is also the one who makes the “vapor cigarette” so popular. During the combustion of ordinary tobacco a variety of chemical substances and chemical compounds produced in addition to the nicotine, including many of which is already known that this can trigger cancer.

In addition to e- cigarettes no filter is used , as you would not need this simply . By e-cigarettes so the nicotine can be absorbed through the lungs as usual . Thus, the main difference lies in the operation and the various substances that are produced and inhaled.

While with the conventional cigarette tobacco carbon dioxide , carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide , arsenic, as well as radioactive elements such as polonium -210 have been demonstrated including the vapor of electronic cigarettes only propylene glycol, glycerol and, optionally, food flavorings and nicotine.