Differences with the ordinary cigarette

Lot of talk lately about the electric cigarette , discussed and debated . But what is this electronic cigarette really , and where it differs from the traditional cigarettes ? The main difference is , of course, in the operation and the smoke or steam. While in the ordinary cigarettes tobacco herb is burned, the electronic cigarette has a completely different function. This is a liquid, the so-called liquid evaporates. In this liquid , depending on the order which is , various additives such as flavors or nicotine.

With the help of a battery , the stored in the depot liquid is atomized , ie converted into steam. This is a difference of smoke or steam generation, it is also the one who makes the “vapor cigarette” so popular. During the combustion of ordinary tobacco a variety of chemical substances and chemical compounds produced in addition to the nicotine, including many of which is already known that this can trigger cancer.

In addition to e- cigarettes no filter is used , as you would not need this simply . By e-cigarettes so the nicotine can be absorbed through the lungs as usual . Thus, the main difference lies in the operation and the various substances that are produced and inhaled.

While with the conventional cigarette tobacco carbon dioxide , carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide , arsenic, as well as radioactive elements such as polonium -210 have been demonstrated including the vapor of electronic cigarettes only propylene glycol, glycerol and, optionally, food flavorings and nicotine.

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